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Emergency Summit Conference



01 June

Prestige Lakeside Resort & Conference Centre, Canada


Canada is hosting the Emergency Summit Conference 2019 which brings together the most engaging and inspiring speakers from the world of PHEM to discuss the future of prehospital care and the importance of interagency collaboration and working together as a team.

The world is rapidly changing and as a result, the Emergency Services Response to managing trauma in civilian, tactical or hazardous environments needs to adapt to meet these demands.

This will require taking a detailed look at how agencies currently plan, practice and perform. Education and innovation is a vital component of this process.

This conference will focus on the need for emergency services to work together, adapt and overcome. At the heart of the conference… “it’s about saving lives, serving the community and serving one another.”

Dr Mark Forrest

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ATACC Medical Director and joint founder of The ATACC Group

Mark is an NHS Clinical Director in Urgent & Emergency care and Consultant in Anaesthetics, Critical and Prehospital Care.

Mark created the ATACC course nearly 20 years ago and has been the inspiration and driving force behind it’s evolution and development into a unique and internationally renowned and comprehensive casualty care programme.

As a key innovator and course author for many of the ATACC Group products, Mark is hugely passionate about the candidate experience and is always looking to embrace innovative educational methods and ground breaking simulation techniques.

Mark lectures around the world in the fields of trauma and casualty care and has previously worked in many challenging disciplines including aeromedical retrieval, ECMO transfer, Paediatric retrieval and Hyperbaric medicine. He is the Medical Director of a number of UK Emergency Services and Voluntary groups and is a key organiser for several major International conferences.

Dr. Nic Sparrow

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Rural Emergency Medicine & Pre-Hospital EMS Response Physician.

Dr Nic Sparrow works full-time in the ER at Kootenay Lake Hospital and volunteers his free time responding to the highest priority 911 calls alongside the emergency services.

In 2016 he founded Kootenay Emergency Response Physicians Association (KERPA) a Not for Profit Organization.

Their goal is simple… saving lives and helping the most critically ill and injured patients in our community – and supporting the emergency services.

Dale Mason

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Heavy Recue & Trauma Lead

Dale is a Watch Commander and currently the Lead RTC, Heavy Rescue & Trauma Lead instructor within the training department for Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service where he has served for the past 17 years.

Dale holds national level instructor qualifications in Breathing Apparatus, Tactical Firefighting, Compartment Fire Behaviour, Tactical Ventilation, Heavy Vehicle Rescue, Road Traffic Collision, Mass Casualty Decontamination and Pre-Hospital care.

He is passionate about pre-hospital skills for firefighters creating Suffolk FRS Immediate Emergency Care course and has been the driving force behind its evolution and development.

He was awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship in 2018 and traveled to the USA & Eire studying how different Fire Departments operate a dual role FRS/EMS model, his research is to see if this is a system that could be adopted in the UKFRS.

Dr. Ed Valentine

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Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport Critical Care Consultant, PHEA Lead and Lead Doctor, Great Western Air Ambulance Charity Honorary Lecturer, Cardiff University

Gary Foo

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Former Police Officer, Paramedic, Fire and Rescue trainer / Rescue Technician and Disaster Management Specialist Gary Foo.

Gary is a published author and an authority on matters of Security / Protection, Disaster Response, Search and Rescue, Medicine and Healthcare and International Disaster Coordination.

Gary is a United Nations Coordinator and Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Response Advisor. He specialised in Use of Force and Armed / Tactical Policing and Close Protection / Bodyguarding and has worked all over the world protecting Royal Families, Celebrities, HNW Individuals and Political / Corporate Leaders.

He also pursued Tactical Medicine (is a Tac Med Instructor) and has been involved Search & Rescue for some 20 years. He is a Tech. Rescue Instructor in several disciplines and also a working operational Paramedic with PHTLS (Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support).

He is qualified in health and fitness disciplines and complementary medicine. He does a lot of volunteer and charitable work including active global deployments with the United Nations recognised INSARAG (International Search and Rescue Advisory Group) Disaster Response team ERT Search and Rescue as well roles within the Police and Ambulance Service.

June 1st 2019- 7pm

The ATACC Group and Emergency Service Providers will meet at Finleys Bar & Grill, to discuss the future of prehospital care.

Simulation Training

The ATACC Group delivered an active shooter simulation to a packed audience at the SMACCDUB conference.