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Pre-conference WorkShops Canada



31 May

Ootischenia Fire Department, Castlegar, BC V1N 4L7


As part of The Emergency Summit Conference, we will be delivering a pre-conference workshop.

The aim of the workshops are designed to highlight the importance of realistic, immersive simulation for your teams and how they train to selectively and progressively ramp up their skills, based on the current risks and injuries involved.

Workshop 01 – Critical Interventions
Cardiac arrest, finger thoracostomies, thoracotomy & US in the field

Workshop 02 – Major Incidents/ Active Shooter
Tagging patients & school shootings

Workshop 03 – Vehicle Extrication Techniques
Creating space techniques & the latest advances in extrication

Dr Mark Forrest

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ATACC Medical Director and joint founder of The ATACC Group

Mark is an NHS Clinical Director in Urgent & Emergency care and Consultant in Anaesthetics, Critical and Prehospital Care.

Mark created the ATACC course nearly 20 years ago and has been the inspiration and driving force behind it’s evolution and development into a unique and internationally renowned and comprehensive casualty care programme.

As a key innovator and course author for many of the ATACC Group products, Mark is hugely passionate about the candidate experience and is always looking to embrace innovative educational methods and ground breaking simulation techniques.

Mark lectures around the world in the fields of trauma and casualty care and has previously worked in many challenging disciplines including aeromedical retrieval, ECMO transfer, Paediatric retrieval and Hyperbaric medicine. He is the Medical Director of a number of UK Emergency Services and Voluntary groups and is a key organiser for several major International conferences.

Dr. Nic Sparrow

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Rural Emergency Medicine & Pre-Hospital EMS Response Physician.

Dr Nic Sparrow works full-time in the ER at Kootenay Lake Hospital and volunteers his free time responding to the highest priority 911 calls alongside the emergency services.

In 2016 he founded Kootenay Emergency Response Physicians Association (KERPA) a Not for Profit Organization.

Their goal is simple… saving lives and helping the most critically ill and injured patients in our community – and supporting the emergency services.

June 1st 2019- 7pm

Join The ATACC Group and Emergency Service Providers at Finleys Bar & Grill, and discuss the future of prehospital care in Canada.

Simulation Training

The ATACC Group delivered an active shooter simulation to a packed audience at the SMACC conference.