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SMACC Conference



25 - 29 March

Sydney Opera House


The SMACC conference provides the highest quality of Critical Care education and is guaranteed to innovate and inspire.

The ATACC Group have contributed to SMACC’s most engaging, informative and inspiring educational presentations from Active shooter simulations to extrication procedures live on stage and we are proud to be apart of what will surely be best yet!

The driving force behind SMACC has always been to Educate, Inspire, Innovate and Connect delegates.

SMACC is also a health promotion charity. All the content from our conferences is freely available to anyone, anywhere and we want as many people as possible to hear the fantastic talks our speakers have given. We are not-for-profit and the organising committee gives their time freely and receives no financial benefit.

SMACC has seen spectacular growth since its humble beginnings. The conference has grown from an enthusiastic idea into a global leader amongst critical care events. Whilst SMACC is primarily a high quality, academic meeting, the real reason behind this growth is the enormous and inspiring energy of the critical care community itself. SMACC crosses traditional hierarchies, professional barriers and international borders. It is a community that is centred on the pursuit of excellence in patient care and a passion for sharing this as widely as possible.

Dr Mark Forrest

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ATACC Medical Director and joint founder of The ATACC Group

Mark is an NHS Clinical Director in Urgent & Emergency care and Consultant in Anaesthetics, Critical and Prehospital Care.

Mark created the ATACC course nearly 20 years ago and has been the inspiration and driving force behind it’s evolution and development into a unique and internationally renowned and comprehensive casualty care programme.

As a key innovator and course author for many of the ATACC Group products, Mark is hugely passionate about the candidate experience and is always looking to embrace innovative educational methods and ground breaking simulation techniques.

Mark lectures around the world in the fields of trauma and casualty care and has previously worked in many challenging disciplines including aeromedical retrieval, ECMO transfer, Paediatric retrieval and Hyperbaric medicine. He is the Medical Director of a number of UK Emergency Services and Voluntary groups and is a key organiser for several major International conferences.

Dr Halden Bazley

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Dr Halden Hutchinson-Bazely is a Royal Air Force doctor training in anaesthesia and critical care aeromedical evacuation.

He has been active in pre-hospital care for over 10 years and has experience in a wide range of roles including CFR, NHS ambulance service, BASICS, HEMS and SAR.

He is an accredited prehospital doctor delivering enhanced care in the East Midlands, and a trauma team leader in one of the West Midlands major trauma centers. Halden believes strongly in the highest quality medical education and simulation. This is not limited to simple knowledge and technical skills, but includes cognitive performance and team dynamics to ensure that quality of care is always optimised, especially in the most critical of situations.

He is one of the lead instructors for our Anaesthesia, Trauma and Critical Care (ATACC) Course.

Simulation Training

The ATACC Group delivered an active shooter simulation to a packed audience.