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The Medical Advisory group members are hand-picked senior consultants, healthcare professionals who are all experts within their specialist fields.

Drawn from both the UK and our wider International ATACC Faculty, the Medical Advisory group provide the necessary clinical oversight for our training, equipment recommendations and governance processes.

Led by our Medical Director, the MAG constantly share information and meet several times each year to discuss key issues that have arisen since the previous meeting.There are few equivalent expert groups, outside of the Royal Colleges and this diverse expertise is available to all of our partners organisations.


Medical professionals who drive innovation and change through education and governance.

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Our Medical Advisory Group can support traditionally, non-clinical organisations towards CQC levels of clinical governance, through continuous improvement, innovation, risk management and compliance monitoring.

Clinical Updates

Clinical updates are regularly produced by the Medical Advisory Group, approved by our Medical Director and circulated across our partners.

Clinical updates will be produced for a number of key reasons including:

  • New National guidance
  • A significant change to our current teaching
  • A new subject arises which requires new clinical guidance or change
  • Questions from a client or instructor warrant a group wide response
  • A Clinical Governance meeting or Medical Advisory Group identifies the need

Clinical updates will fall into one of three categories based on their degree of urgency:

  • IMMEDIATE (within 48hrs)
  • URGENT (within a week)
  • ROUTINE(within a month)

Urgent and immediate are typically new guidance or responses to clinical incidents, whereas routine are responses that have required further investigation or research.

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