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24 May 2017

Tajikistan Humanitarian Project.


The ATACC Group are extremely proud to include our Training Manager, Mike Maybin as part of a multidisciplinary team delivering crucial medical and trauma training in Tajikistan in May 2017.

Tajikistan has limited capacity to respond to emergencies despite its high incidence of road traffic collisions, disasters such as flooding and earthquakes. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), road fatalities are six times higher than in the UK. One reason for this is the lack of equipment and training despite the well-motivated rescue personnel that are already there.

In 2014, the Tajik Ministry of Internal Affairs reported a further increase in casualties, with every fifth person injured or killed is a child or teenager. Tajikistan is also at high risk of natural disaster and has limited capacity to respond or prepare, the country is 93% mountainous adding to the challenges further.

The ATACC Group are assisting and supporting the project to enable delivery of modern evidence-based proven methods, to train and upskill Tajik rescue personnel. One of our UK instructors Michael, having trained in many other countries in a similar way, is part of a six-strong cadre of instructors that include Fire & Rescue personnel. Lewis-Plast (Lewis Medical Supplies) has supported also with a donation of key medical equipment that will undoubtably save lives.

One fully equipped Ambulance and three fully equipped Fire Appliances, have been donated also to the cause and will be driven by a convoy team over 4500 miles from UK across Europe to Tajikistan. These resources will be used for training and then handed over for emergency response where they are crucially needed.